Agistment Terms

Our complexes accept mares and geldings that are broken to saddle. Mares in foal must vacate the paddocks prior to the eighth month of gestation. The horses in our complexes run in a herd environment. Herd sizes vary depending on the size and pasture quality of each complex however herds are relatively stable, changing only when horses leave or new horses are introduced. Complex numbers are generally fixed and paddocks are not overstocked to ensure maintenance of pastures.

As each of our complexes form a small community it is essential that you and your horse are happy to be in a communal environment. We have a Code of Conduct for clients to ensure safe and enjoyable use of the paddocks for all horses and clients. Please familiarise yourself with the Code if you are thinking of agisting with us. The Code of Conduct is available as part of the Client Agreement and is also posted on the notice boards at all complexes.

Agistment Rates

Fees are currently $35 per week including GST payable quarterly on month in advance ($455 per quarter) or annually ($1729.00 which includes a 5% discount). The annual Agistment year (for annual payments) commences each October and is payable 1 September for the year 1 October – 30 September.

If you commence (or leave) Agistment in the middle of a quarter Agistment is charged on a prorata basis for the time you are in the paddocks (and any notice period required). If you no longer need to agist with us you need to provide us with one months notice in writing.


Arenas at the ACT Horse Paddocks have been constructed by horse paddock clients through fundraising and personal contributions. All maintenance is undertaken by the clients who use them.

Arenas are for dry weather use only and must be cleaned and raked after every use. If you use arenas you must be prepared to contribute to the care and maintenance required to look after them.

2023 Worming Program

The ACT Horse Paddock worming program requires horse owners to drench 3 times a year in February-March, June-July and November-December. We specify the drench family you must use at each time of year. This ensures rotation of the drench families to prevent resistance of worms to certain drench families and to target specific worms at certain times of the year.

The 2023 worming program is coming soon.

Waiting List


Due to the high demand for horse agistment in the ACT we have a waiting list for many complexes. To put your name on the waiting list please contact us with the following information:




Telephone contact details

Number of horses

Preferred complexes

Date agistment required

Please contact us if you require immediate