Winter 2018 Newsletter

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Next GPUG Meeting is 7 November 5.45 at the Raiders Weston Club, Weston.  All Welcome.

Invoices and the Code of Conduct

Invoices and the Code of Conduct

Please check your email for your latest invoice and contact us if you have not received it. If your email has changed please contact us to update your details.

The new Code of Conduct is here

Biosecurity Alert: Ox-eye Daisy

Ox-eye Daisy

Please the attached flyer for more information on the Ox-eye Daisy plant.

Please report this weed if you see it to or phone 13 22 81.

2019 Worming Program

2019 Worming Program

The 2018 Worming Program identifies the worming schedule that must be used by all clients in the ACT Horse Paddocks.

Compulsory worming rotations occur 3 times per year in our complexes. Notices to worm are placed on the notice board at each complex. Horses must be drenched using a worm paste containing the active ingredient specified in the program.

To ensure worming is effective the appropriate amount of drench for the size of your horse must be used. It is also important that you ‘worm and return’ your horse to the old paddock for 24 hours before moving to the new paddock. This will enable the drench to work and will break the worm cycle. If you don’t follow the guidelines the worming rotation is not effective and you are in breach of your agistment agreement.

The worming program is developed in conjunction with the ACT Government Veterinarian. If you have any questions please contact us.