Territory Agistment

COVID Restrictions Easing

Please ensure you follow the ACT Government Health guidelines. Masks must be worn at the paddocks. If possible please try to stagger visits to the paddocks so that social distancing can more easily be observed.

Please do not attend the paddocks if you are unwell or identified as a contact of any person with Covid 19.

Please ensure you wash your hands and observe social distancing.


The Horse Paddocks

The ACT Horse Paddocks provide affordable and accessible horse agistment to the Canberra community at locations across the ACT.  The Horse Paddocks comprise 15 complexes in a variety of locations across the ACT.

We offer broadacre Agistment on land that forms green corridors throughout the ACT and provides recreational areas for locals to walk their dogs (on lead), run or birdwatch.  Horses are rotated through the paddocks to ensure sustainable pasture management and to assist in managing worm burdens.

The horses in each complex run as a herd, which is a natural environment for horses.  We do not offer private paddocks or stables. Paddocks are watered by reticulated water troughs and have trees for shelter.  Each complex has yards for feeding and managing horses and separate designated riding areas. 

Most complexes have a wash bay and many have arenas located in their designated riding areas.  Arenas have been constructed by our clients through fundraising or personal contributions and are available for use by agistees.  People using arenas may be asked to contribute to their upkeep.  This enables us to continue to provide affordable Agistment whilst still meeting the varied needs of our users.  Many complexes also link to equestrian trails that offer really good riding. 

Further Agistment Information